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Monday, August 16, 2004

It's Official Now

A Fifty Pound Bag of Whistling Lips has now been renamed and relocated. You can now find me at Literally Liberal www.mileah.com. Please change your blogrolls and bookmarks accordingly.

Kathy at Blogmoxie is still perfecting the design so right now it's just the basic MT template. I can't wait for y'all to see the new design! So keep checking in at the new homestead Literally Liberal.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Changes Are A Good Thing...

....right? Well I hope so as I have the excellent Kathy over at Blogmoxie brainstorming me a new blog design. I'm going for a 1940's Rosie the Riveter/women in WWII type design. Any suggestions on a new blog name? Yes, I may retire the A Fifty Pound Bag of Whistling Lips name when the new design comes together.

I will also be moving to www.mileah.com but I will let y'all know when to change your bookmarks and blogrolls.

Thanks to Chari, Karen, and Greybird for their input in finding a designer.

It's about time for this little blog to grow up!

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Monday, August 09, 2004

At What Price Victory?

Even though George Bush tells us he is fighting a war on terror the Bush administration is not above burning a Pakistani sting operation against al Qaeda in order to scare Americans into re-electing him in November justify raising the terror alert level:

Until U.S. officials leaked the arrest of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan to reporters, Pakistan had been using him in a sting operation to track down al Qaeda operatives around the world, the sources said.

Officials used Sunday's talk shows to defend last week's heightened alerts, amid widespread claims the White House disclosed Khan's arrest to justify raising its terror alert level.

On another note, did anyone see Bush's speech at the Unity Conference Journalists of Color gathering last week? Whenever they panned to the crowd there were all these journalists of color just glaring at him. It was priceless.

And finally, go check out Driving Votes and volunteer in those swing states to get out the vote in November. My boss Kurt is the Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma/Colorado regional director and now he has his own Driving Votes blog.

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Friday, August 06, 2004

We're Really "Turning The Corner" Now, George

CNN.com reports, "The Labor Department report showed only 32,000 new net jobs added to payrolls during the month, down from a revised 78,000 jobs that were added in June. The increase was the smallest since December, when payrolls rose by just 8,000."

Spin that GOP! Job growth is dismal, oil prices are breaking records daily and George Bush spent the week telling folks that we are "turning the corner." I guess so but in a when we turned that corner we found ourselves staring at a grizzly bear who decides we would make a damn tasty meal kind of way.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Common Sense

Does it make any sense to give out the names of the buildings that al Qaeda is supposedly targeting? I mean they are talking about mobile truck bombs and the key word there is mobile. Even the least motivated terrorist cruising around in a van loaded with fertilizer and fuel or a homemade nuke can turn on CNN or his local news for that matter and see that they are going to have a hard time striking the Citigroup building this week. Does he give up and fly home to Riyadh? Hell no, he just cruises his van on down to Chicago or Baltimore or Dallas and parks it in front of a building not on high alert.

This whole thing seems fishy to me especially since they are now admitting that the surveillance of these buildings was done pre 9/11. Tom Ridge says "there's no evidence of recent surveillance." Come on guys are we that stupid? The Bush administration knows that their only chance of winning in November is to simply scare the shit out of the American public. That's why they are feeding us three year old intelligence as if it were an imminent threat.

This is simply more chicken little "the sky is falling" politics of the Bush administration. They are the ones who are afraid. They are afraid of losing the election and think that buy scaring us they can prevent that from happening. Think again boys because we ain't buying it this time.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

The Chicken Little Campaign

The George Bush Chicken Little re-election campaign is in full swing.

Laid off Ohio factory worker: "Mr. President, I really need the job that you outsourced to China back in order to feed my kids."

Bush: "9/11, 9/11, the sky is falling, I'm the terror president, 9/11, 9/11, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, more safer than before but not safe yet, I'm the terror president."

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge: "Due to the specificity of non specific chatter and intelligence from our allies in the war on terror led by our very own terror president we are raising the alert level to hot-damn- look-out orange. We may or may not have heard that armies of truck bombers may or may not drive a truck bomb into Wall Street and or John Kerry looks like he may be leading in the polls we are raising the terror threat level to whatever the hell we need to in order to scare the voters into four more years for Bush."

Laid off Ohio factory worker: "uhhhh, really dude, my kids are gettin' hungry."

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Friday, July 30, 2004

Kerry Stands And Delivers
Last night John Kerry had to give biggest speech of his political career and he did so with fervor, urgency, and grace.  Here is one of my favorite parts:
And tonight, we have an important message for those who question the patriotism of Americans who offer a better direction for our country.  Before wrapping themselves in the flag and shutting their eyes and ears to the truth, they should remember what America is really all about. They should remember the great idea of freedom for which so many have given their lives.  Our purpose now is to reclaim democracy itself. We are here to affirm that when Americans stand up and speak their minds and say America can do better, that is not a challenge to patriotism; it is the heart and soul of patriotism.

You see that flag up there.  We call her Old Glory. The stars and stripes forever. I fought under that flag, as did so many of you here and all across our country. That flag flew from the gun turret right behind my head. It was shot through and through and tattered, but it never ceased to wave in the wind. It draped the caskets of men I served with and friends I grew up with.  For us, that flag is the most powerful symbol of who we are and what we believe in. Our strength. Our diversity. Our love of country. All that makes America both great and good.

That flag doesn't belong to any president. It doesn't belong to any ideology and it doesn't belong to any political party. It belongs to all the American people.

We have been held hostage by the Bush administration for too long.  None of their dirty tricks will save them now as long as we all continue to work to get Kerry/Edwards elected this November. 

Please make sure your voter registrations are current and remind your friends and family to do the same.  Go to your local precincts and volunteer.  Keep blogging! 

Meanwhile, hours before Kerry's speech Pakistan announced that they had captured a high value al Qaeda target.  They captured him on Sunday but announced the capture hours before Kerry's speech.  Just like we have all been predicting they tried to take the spotlight away from Kerry but it didn't work.  I had to click through three links off the CNN main page to get to the article about the capture. 

Again I say to Bush and his cronies, "bring 'em on."  Because no matter what you try George, your zip code next year will be 76638

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